Martin Cousins



Manager, Trainer


My first introductory to martial arts was in the sixties, when my father took me to judo lessons. It was in the early seventies when I joined the Dunlaoghaire Kenpo Karate Club under the supervision of Mr Tommy Jordan, chief instructor to the Irish Karate association. I received my 1st Dan black belt from Mr Jordan in January 1980. In 1998 after many years with the Irish Karate Association I left to pursue my own goals. In the same year I formed Dunlaoghaire Kenpo Karate Ireland. Shortly after, I formed East Coast Martial Arts.

Bushi Kenpo Jujutsu Kai Ireland.


I fought Nationally and Internationaly from the seventies to the nineties. My most satisfying achievement in competitive karate was winning the Irish karate Association title. I was selected to represent Ireland many times on the Irish National Karate team at European and world level over many years.

  • January 1980 – I received my 1st Dan black belt from Mr Jordan

  • December 1987 – I received my second Dan black belt from Mr Jordan

  • December 1990 – I received my third Dan black belt from Mr Jordan

  • May 1995 – I received my 4 degree Black belt from Mr Jordan

  • June 2001 – I graded to the rank of 5th degree black belt under the guidance of the Irish Kenpo Senior Council.

  • June 2004 – I graded to the rank of 6th degree black belt

  • June 2012 – I graded to the rank of 7th degree black belt from Mr Jordan

  • 2006 – First person to be awarded the IMAC First Volunteer Ambassador by the Irish Martial Arts Commission

  • March 2011 – I received a Life Time Achievement award by the Irish Karate Association Tommy Jordan and Peter Coyle And the Keepers International Martial Arts award presented by Pietro Spadaro Soke

  • November 2012 – I was nominated By Grandmaster John Ward to receive the hall of fame International Instructor Of The Year U.S.A

  • June 2011 – I received the title of Shihan by the Irish Ju-jutsu-kai Federation Hanshi Joe Carslake and Hanshi Martin Carslake.

  • October 2011 – I received a special commendation from Kodo Butoku Renmei for services to Budo at a seminar in Sicily

    2017 received my 7th Dan

    2019 received my 8th Degree in Traditional Kenpo and 8th Degree in Bushi  Kenpo Jujutsu KAI.



IKA champion (multiple)
ONAKAI champion & medalist
EKC medalist
W.O.M.A.A Master’s World Champion 2015,2016,2017
W.OM.A.A Silver Medalist – Forms


8th Degree Black Belt,  8th Degree Black Belt 
Kenpo Karate                        Bushi Kenpo Ju-jutsu kai
2nd Degree black Belt
Kyushoshin Ju-jutsu


1st Kyu Brown Belt
Ni Kawa Kobu Jutsu Ryu